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As an Member you'll gain access to a range of benefits suitable for providing ecommerce services and for finding cross-border logistics providers and partners.


Members new to WCA:
US $1,500. This is an annual membership fee. 

Existing WCA, GAA and Lognet members: 
US $1,500. This is an annual membership fee. 


  • Company listing on the eCommerce directory
  • Personal guidance from eCommerce experts
  • Annual conferences, workshops, and valuable One-on-One meetings
  • Guidance on how to become a Certified Member
  • Coming Soon - Prefered rates on initial domestic and international LMD and courier programmes
  • Coming Soon - Specialised insurance products for additional revenue source
  • Coming Soon - Access to online tools training, webinars and market intelligence to help you build an eCommerce business plan and avoid pitfalls

Membership is open to any company involved in global eCommerce, this includes logisitics companies, last mile delivery companies, couriers, eTailers, software companies, warehousing and packing providers etc.

Once you've joined, and have aquired the skills and knowledge necessary to provide quality ecommerce solutions, you may apply to be a Certified Member

Members are not full WCA members, and are not covered by WCA's financial protection and Gold Medallion programmes, until they reach Certified Member status.

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