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eTailers - streamline your door-to-door offerings!

Are you a company currently engaged in online retailing or eCommerce B2C or B2B activity? If so, and you want to reach new global markets you know the importance of partnering with a trusted organization and service providers who can assist in streamlining your logistics processes and help improve your tangible returns.

Become a registered eTailer in the world's largest eCommerce logistics network to gain access to a range of first- and last-mile delivery service providers!

Benefits include:

  • Promote your marketplace platform and access services from localized global logistics specialists.
  • Sell your own products directly to thousands of global member agents and their customers.
  • Obtain critical services of accredited end-to-end cross-border specialists to open up new markets for your platform.

Ensure customer satisfaction by providing a seamless end-to-end experience by utilizing this one-stop-shop eCommerce solution.

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