Strategy 2020 and Beyond
Quality Over Quantity


The creation of a NETWORK of independent eCommerce logistics providers, each using their eCommerce service expertise to contribute towards the network’s overall service portfolio and global eCommerce logistics coverage.


Using the NETWORK as a basis to develop a worldwide of qualified eCommerce service providers to increase overall returns for all members.


In order to enable each active and qualified member to use its eCommerce expertise to the fullest potential, WCA eCommerce has redefined and committed itself to the following business areas and the associated action points for Strategy 2020 and Beyond:
  1. Strategic Network Development

    • Developing a worldwide network of qualified eCommerce Service providers that can benefit the other members.
    • Any type of new member admittance to the network should be based on eCommerce expertise and fulfillment of enrollment criteria.
  2. Marketing

    • Marketing efforts should be geared towards distinguishing the WCA eCommerce brand from the regular WCA brand:
      1. Internal marketing efforts to allow each member to present and market its eCommerce capabilities as well as needs within the group to other members.
      2. External marketing of the entire network as a unified entity to promote WCA eCommerce to the outside world as a group of experienced eCommerce logistics players who work together to offer global eCommerce logistics solutions.
  3. Website Presentation

    • An internal website, which will be adjusted in the following areas:
      1. i. Member profile with search engine by company Name, Country, City, services, and technology
      2. Simplified application process for membership, spotlight, etc.
    • An external customer facing website to better market the competencies of each member.
      1. Creation of a solution website for outside the freight forwarding industry
      2. IT solutions listing, offered by members of the network
  4. Conferences, Events

    • Focusing on joint attendance of eCommerce customer conferences to make the WCA eCommerce brand, as well as its combined profile of services, available to those in need of transportation solutions.
  5. WCA Academy

    • Clear definition of the role of the Academy when it comes to those current WCA members interested in getting involved in eCommerce logistics.
    • The focus of the program is to provide members interested in eCommerce logistics with alternatives and ideas to get involved while outlining potential requirements and investments to undertake on their end.
  6. Strategic Partnership Program

    • Development of a clear definition of the program, covering in depth all member benefits associated with it.