Benefits Breakdown

WCA eCommerce Member Benefits

WCA eCommerce is WCA's newest specialty network, focusing on supporting its members and empowering them to become successful players in the ever-growing eCommerce industry. WCA eCommerce enables members to find partners in the cross-border eCommerce supply chain. Once enrolled, members have the option to become certified - this allows them to showcase their services and compete within the network.

Become a MEMBER

Interested in expanding your company into the new economy? Become a member today.

All members have access to the following benefits:

  • Directory listing and access.
  • Personal guidance from eCommerce professionals.
  • Conferences, workshops and one-on-one meetings.
  • Guidance to help you become Certified.
  • Preferred rates on domestic & international LMD and courier
  • Specialised insurance products and additional revenue sources
  • Access to online training, tools and market intelligence
  • Gold Medallion financial protection
  • Access to partner pay


Ready to advance your membership? Are you already to showcase your unique services? Become Certified to boost your profile and compete in the eCommerce space!

There is a one time fee to become certified. Certified members enjoy the below additional benefits:

  • eCommerce certification of excellence
  • Updated profile showcasing your services
  • Participate in regional eCommerce shipment consolidation programs
  • Leverage or sell your own dedicated technology solutions to the network