Member Benefits

Members benefits

Membership is open to any company involved in global eCommerce; this includes logistics companies, last-mile-delivery companies, couriers, software companies, warehousing, packing providers, and more.

WCA eCommerce Member Benefits:

  • Company listing on the eCommerce directory.
  • Personal guidance from eCommerce experts.
  • Annual conferences, workshops, and valuable One-on-One meetings.
  • Guidance on how to become Certified – an opportunity for active eCommerce members to get certified and have eCommerce readiness displayed to other members and interested parties as part of the directory. Once you have joined and have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to provide quality eCommerce solutions, you may apply to become Certified.
  • Preferred rates on initial domestic and international LMD and courier programs.
  • Specialized insurance products – our WIS team is composed of marine insurance experts, ex-forwarders, IT developers, and former WCA executives, giving us a unique perspective of your industry. This multi-tiered experience enables us to envision and deliver unique products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of companies like yours.
  • Access to online tools training, webinars, and market intelligence to help you build an eCommerce business plan and avoid pitfalls.
  • Access to Partner Pay – member-to-member payment program that eliminates wire transfer fees.
  • Gold Medallion Financial Protection - US$100,000 member-to-member financial protection when working in the same network and US$50,000 cross-network coverage.
  • Access to the network’s Strategic Partnership Program, where each partner is either creating a benefit or an opportunity for the member.
  • Member Spotlight – a great way to introduce an eCommerce expertise, project, or division of your company to the rest of the network, especially those members who have the service structure and type of business to grow with you. We want to know about your real-life eCommerce projects so we can share them with everyone.