eTailers members benefits

eTailers - streamline your business!

The world of eCommerce is a unique domain comprised of dynamic, fast-paced, time sensitive challenges. We know that it requires a specific knowledge base and unique skill sets to navigate its complexities in order to be a successful online company.

Delivering on your customer-promise is a fundamental part of operating within the eCommerce marketplace. The key pillars for success for any eCommerce business must include:

  • Intelligent demand planning
  • Strategic sourcing and inventory management
  • Accurate and timely cross border compliance processing
  • Enhanced fulfilment and delivery strategies
  • Flexible and streamlined returns management

Working with eCommerce industry experts with verified capabilities can save you time and money in optimizing your services. That's where we come in.

“ From compliance to consolidations, from fulfilment to last mile delivery, our certified members have the expertise you need to operate successfully. ”

Become a WCA eTailer today to gain direct access to our global business network, members and logistics support. You will also get access to special programs and expert leadership designed to help you succeed in the global marketplace.

Benefits include:
  • Promote your market place platform and access services from localized logistics specialists.
  • Obtain critical services of accredited end-to-end cross-border specialists to open new markets for your platform.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing a seamless end-to-end experience by utilizing this one-stop-shop eCommerce solution.