SINO Recap

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2016 SINO Event Recap

Each year, WCA and the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) co-organize SINO International as a global, open conference for independent freight forwarders, logistics vendors and industry-related companies. This three-day conference is an opportunity for all players to connect and expand business opportunities.

An exciting twist to the 13th annual conference was the soft launch of WCA's brand new eCommerce network. During the three-day conference delegates attended eCommerce workshops where they learned more about the disruptive sector and how they can capitalize on the shift in logistics. Alex Allen, managing director of the eCommerce network, was excited to sit down with interested delegates and explain how the new network will, in time, deliver un-paralleled support to eCommerce logistics providers.

"First and foremost this is a network where eCommerce logistics providers, and companies who want to learn more about becoming eCommerce focused, can connect and create business opportunities," said Alex Allen. "We fully intend on evolving this new network around the needs of its contributing companies."

Many delegates attended the first ever WCA eCommerce workshop where Alex Allen covered industry trends as well as an overview of the new WCA network. We are looking forward to hosting more workshops at the next WCA event, the 2017 Worldwide Conference in Singapore!