eCommerce Recap 2018 - London

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2nd Annual Conference Recap 2018

One hundred and eighteen delegates attended the 2nd Annual eCommerce Conference in London this year, the group’s first official stand-alone gathering. It follows the groups successful inaugural conference, which ran jointly with WCA last year in Miami, Florida. After having overwhelming success at both WCA Regional and Worldwide conferences, members of the group were eager to participate in this year’s autonomous even.

Members expressed early on that they were hungry for two things, education and connection. As the future of freight, and a frontier vastly unexplored, members recognized their need to connect with experienced eCommerce partners. As a response, WCA eCommerce designed its 2nd Annual Conference as an educational forum; a place where members could listen, learn, discuss and grow.

The 2nd Annual eCommerce Conference offered 15 engaging, thought-packed workshops over the course of its three-day conference, all led by eCommerce members, strategic partners and supporters. This peer-led engagement impowered the groups more experienced professionals to provide guidance to their less experienced partners. This model also opened up opportunities for members to connect and discuss new business ideas.

Workshop Speakers:

  • Rudee Bertie, CEO, CCL
  • Robert Imbriani, EVP International, EVP Team Worldwide
  • Jayant Rakhan , Partner, Baker Tilly Berk N.V.
  • Sam Yauner , Director, Corten Logistics, Corten Logistics
  • Rick Hernandez , VP, Pitney Bowes
  • Faycal Ihrai, CMO,
  • Alain Guerin , Head of Products Services and Technology, Swiss World Cargo
  • Gary Tervit , International Services Director, P2P Mailing Ltd.
  • Nicholas Street , Co-Founder & Partner, Logicon Systems UK
  • Adam Komorowski , Chief Strategy Officer (head of sales and board member), OEX E-Business
  • Gurpreet Sidhu , CEO, CBV
  • Paolo Giannotti , Sendabox & Supernova Factory General Manager, Italmondo S.p.a.
  • Charles Marrale, COO, Ex-Freight Zeta Inc.
  • Gigi Etienne, Partnerships Manager, What3words

Aside from workshops, conference goers participated in a guided tour of Windsor Castle and a casual BQ Dinner at Oakley Court. This programming allowed members to network in an informal atmosphere, connect with guest speakers, and form new relationships with agents in the group. For more conference images and to access the workshop slide decks, please use the buttons below.

See you at the 15th Annual Sino International Conference!