• What is the WCA eCommerce Logistics Network all about?
    Connecting you - as a new or existing member - into the global online marketplace for the provision of eCommerce logistics solutions and services to our members.
  • What are the levels of Membership?
    General Members are members who are interested in joining the group but do not have the skills or knowledge necessary to be a full-service eCommerce logistics provider. Certified Members are those who are already operating in eCommerce logistics and have the skills already in place to offer services to the group.
  • What is the membership application process?
    Click here to become a Basic Member or speak to a WCA representative for further information. Click here to become certified.
  • What are the costs?
    Please discuss with your WCA rep. or send us an email to discuss network pricing.
  • What are the tangible benefits one can expect from becoming a member?
    Increased knowledge on eCommerce trends and cross border matters, special member rates for transport services, inclusion in WCA's Partner Pay Program to enjoy fee FREE banking, Gold Medallion financial Protection (as a certified member), access to global eCommerce logistics network member directory, access to global eTailers marketplace platforms to become logistics partners in your region/market, inclusion at special eCommerce workshops and conferences, access our eCommerce knowledge hub (valuable online resources to improve your eCommerce logistics capabilities).
  • What type of Technology supports the network?
    WCA eCommerce network is a sophisticated platform integrated via middleware architecture. The result is a modular system that can interface with all ERP and customer systems.
  • How does a non-logistics company or a vendor supplier get involved in this Network?
    Easy, shoot us an email, or speak to a WCA representative. We will do the rest.
  • What are the main disadvantages if I don't get involved in this eCommerce Network?
    Missed opportunities in the new online economy estimate to generate 4 trillion dollars worth of global marketplace transactions by 2020.
  • What types of Insurance protection does WCA provide this network?
    Gold Medallion protection is exclusive and a first of its kind in the Logistics industry plus other very competitive offers. Send us an email or learn more at WCA eCommerce Insurance.
  • What is the application turn around time once I apply online or with a WCA staff member?
    Quick, in just a matter of days we will complete the administrative formalities required to get you started.
  • What new Information do you require for for this network if I am already a WCA member?
    Not much. We already have the main data in our systems so its a straight forward process for existing members!
  • How will this Network help me grow my Business?
    Assist your organisation to prepare, plan and engage in the dynamic fast paced eCommerce parcel business that is growing at a phenomenal 30% per annum. eCommerce requires many facets of support services in the first-mile to last-mile delivery industries that involve expert international cross-border supply chain partners such as yourself.
  • How many members are allowed from each region or city in my geographic location?
    Generally up to 5 certified members - depending on size of city/region - are allowed in each geographical location.
  • What is the Knowledge Hub?
    An online resource hosting educational material on eCommerce trends including the latest news, ePapers, webinars, workshops, presentations and much more.
  • Why should I join this network as a freight forwarder not involved with eCommerce shipments?
    The traditional freight forwarder industry landscape is changing. Be part of the transformation to secure the future of your business. Late runners will have a hard time adapting to the fast paced new eCommerce economy that is disrupting the old models and demanding new, more agile models capable of high speeds, convenience, and real-time visibility.
  • How does WCA eCommerce logistics network plan to support my business with this membership?
    By connecting you with the knowledge you need to take full advantage of new opportunities to grow your eCommerce shipment business, globally.
  • What can I expect once I become a WCA eCommerce logistics member?
    The best support from a team of experts specialized in the sector. We are here to support your eCommerce logistics expansion.
  • What can I expect as a certified member?
    More business opportunities connecting you to members in the network who are seeking capable ecommerce logistics partners in your area. These members are transacting to and from anywhere in the world and include leading eTailers in the global marketplace.
  • Why should I become a member if I am an FMCG or a non logistics related organisation?
    Take advantage of the world's largest independent logistics network. Our members have a high degree of service excellence and reliability since most are privately held businesses who deliver directly to their customers. Comprising over 6,500 global members operating in a network of 700 plus offices in 189 cities, our combined might in logistics shipment volume is larger than some of the largest logistics companies in existence. Plus, we offer a flexible approach to your specific and unique business requirements.
  • Is this network open to the retail or manufacturing industries, chambers of commerce and online trading association members?
    Absolutely, everyone involved with global or local trade online, or otherwise, will benefit from becoming a member of the eCommerce Logistics Network and also within our various specialized network offerings.
  • Once established, how will the order be dispatched? Will WCA eCommerce systems provide such service between the agents?
    Eventually the plan is to integrate all etailers/vendors/members via our integrated IT platform. In the meantime, it will be between Etailer/Member ERP systems until our platform is ready in second phase.
  • Will WCA take part of any monetary gain related to any contract made in the network?
    Not in its current form.
  • How do payments and receivables work?
    Between members own billing systems. WCA is the facilitator and does not want to get involved with transactional payments between members.
  • Will you permit the big courier players to joint WCA eCommerce? Thinking in countries which the actual member's setup is still not working.
    Yes, where it benefits our members directly. By connecting them into our cross border and LMD network where they have limited or no coverage.
  • Will WCA have global deals with the big courier players so the member can use them?
    Yes, it's in our benefits program to offer this advantage
  • How do I become a Certified Member?
    Please speak with one of our specialised staff as there is a mandatory audit process involved to become certified. If you’re already a member, please fill out a certification application by going to our Certification Page: www.wcaecommerce.com/Benefits/Certified-Member-Benefits
  • How many Members are there in this New Network?
    We have more than 350 members since the network launched in September 2016 and we have a growing waiting for those who want to become certified!