WCA eCommerce Certification

Certified members benefits

Certified members are accredited by WCA as active eCommerce players with an established portfolio of eCommerce services as well as a sophisticated IT infrastructure enabling them to integrate with other players as part of any trade lane development.

Certified members will have their eCommerce services listed as part of their profile, enabling fellow members to easily search for them by selected parameters, which will, as a result, increase their chances to get identified as the right partner based on the services listed in their profile.

Certified WCA eCommerce logo

If you are interested in the WCA eCommerce certification, take a look at the online tutorial below, which outlines the necessary steps:

"HOW TO BECOME A WCA eCOMMERCE CERTIFIED MEMBER" https://wcaworld.smugmug.com/WCA-projects/Ecommerce-certification-videos/i-swfqfCh/A

Checklist to determine if your company is ready for certification:

  • Customer references regarding your eCommerce services.
  • A portfolio of established eCommerce services.
  • Do you have in-house or third-party software to manage your eCommerce logistics?
  • Software capable of handling EDI files (XML, TXT).